The purpose of this document is to request feedback from all IBEA members and to inform all IBEA members regarding an IACTE (Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education, www.iacte.org) proposal to unify dues and membership with IBEA.  IBEA is one of the many CTE affiliate organizations of IACTE.

Please provide any feedback on the unification issue by emailing:

  • Cathy Carruthers, Membership Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

no later than April 15, 2018. A Vote by the IBEA Board of Directors will be held at the April 28, 2018, BOD Meeting based upon your feedback.

Background Information

Since the mid 1930's, the Illinois Business Education Association's primary purpose has been to promote and further business education in the State of Illinois. To further this cause, IBEA became an affiliate of the Illinois Vocational Association, now called the Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education (IACTE). On November 5, 2018, we celebrate this 80-year relationship.

IBEA and IBEA/IACTE Unification Dues Comparison Chart

Membership Category IBEA only Unified Dues
IBEA Regular &
IACTE Professional
$45.00 $105.00
Student IBEA &
Student IACTE (Not Yet Teacher Certified)
$10.00 $15.00
Retired IBEA &
Retired IACTE
$10.00 $40.00
Retired IBEA &
Professional IACTE
$10.00 $70.00
Retired IBEA Past President &
Retired IACTE
Retired IBEA Past President &
Professional IACTE


Defined. Unification means all IBEA members would also be members of IACTE. In other words, when you join IBEA, you will also be required to join IACTE. To be members of both organizations, membership fees would be unified to include the sum of both organizations' membership fees. Currently, approximately 1/3 of IBEA members are IACTE members as well.

Discussion. The unification issue has been on the radar of the IBEA leadership for a while. There have been many discussions. During our upcoming April 28, 2018, IBEA Board of Directors meeting, there will be a vote on this issue. The vote will be to either approve unification or reject unification.

If approved, the IBEA Board will bring the issue forward to the IBEA membership as a whole to be voted on during the November IBEA Fall Conference Business Meeting. If the majority votes "yes," membership dues will be unified and each new and/or renewed IBEA membership will also be a member of IACTE.

If the Board of Directors votes "no," at the April meeting, the Board will inform the IACTE leadership that IBEA members will not be required to join both organizations. Joining IACTE will be a separate decision for each IBEA member. No further action will be taken in this regard. Unification fails at the IBEA level.

Benefits of IBEA and IACTE Affiliation

There have been many benefits with our affiliation with IACTE.

  • Leadership Opportunities--Many IBEA members have been a part of the IACTE leadership team, serving as committee members all the way to president of the organization.
  • Awards--IBEA continues to be a recipient of IACTE's Affiliate Professionalism Award. Individually, many members have been recognized with teaching and administrative awards.
  • CTE Legislation--Probably the most important part of our affiliation with IACTE, as well as the national organization, ACTE, is state and national legislation. The proceeds from our silent auction assists the activities of a lobbyist for CTE, who is hired by IACTE to keep us informed of legislation which could impact CTE educators.
  • State of Illinois Legislation--IBEA is your voice for business education in the State of Illinois. We couple many activities with IACTE to promote CTE not only throughout the state but the nation.
  • National CTE Organizations--IACTE also has a larger organization at the national level, ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education). Details can be found at www.acteonline.org.
  • Representation--An IBEA representative sits on the IACTE Board of Directors (meaning we have a vote on issues); IBEA representation at the IACTE House of Delegates; and IBEA can be eligible to receive a mini-grant (for IBEA travel expense reimbursement) from IACTE.

The Unification Vote

If, IBEA Board of Directors votes to become unified with IACTE, the motion to unify with IACTE will be brought up before the IBEA membership at the November 2018 IBEA Fall Conference Business Meeting to be held in Springfield, IL for a motion, second, and a final vote.

If the majority of the membership at the business meeting votes to unify, the following will ensue.

  • January 2019 is when IBEA members will need to begin unification with IACTE.
  • The unified dues amount is what IBEA members will pay each year.
  • IBEA members are members of both IBEA and IACTE.

If, IBEA Board of Directors votes against becoming unified with IACTE, the following will result.

  • IBEA still would enjoy the perks of being an affiliate but would not be an affiliate "in good standing" with the organization, meaning IBEA can attend IACTE Board meetings, but will not have a vote.
  • All other benefits of affiliation previously mentioned would continue.

Whether this vote is for or against unification, the November vote, if it goes that far, will be the final decision. IBEA will move forward with that decision in terms of dues assessed to its membership.

Feedback Needed

To best gauge the wishes of the IBEA members, the IBEA Board of Directors again asks you for your feedback before April 15 by emailing:

  • Cathy Carruthers, Membership Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.