The IBEA officers want you to be aware of the rules for receiving Professional Development (PD) hours at the IBEA Fall Conference. Because we want you to receive credit for each and every hour available at the conference, we are providing this notice in advance. Please review it carefully.

IBEA followed the rigorous process to gain approval as a professional development provider through the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). In order for you to receive professional development hours during the conference, there are specific conditions that must be followed to maintain our approved-provider status for PD hours.

According to ISBE guidelines, IBEA must collect the IEIN (Illinois Educator Identification Number) for any conference attendee that wishes to receive PD hours for time spent at the conference. Attendees will be required to give this information at the point of registration as well as have it ready to be placed on the PD sticker sheet before the Evidence of Completion Form will be given out at the PD desk.

The ISBE requirement state:

Providers must “maintain original documentation for completion of professional development activities” (105 ILCS 21B-45(i)(4)), “verify attendance at its professional development activities” (23 IAC §25.855(e)(1)), and “maintain attendance records for each event or activity it conducts for a period of not less than six years.” (23 IAC §25.855(e)(3).

Daily attendance is required. Daily attendance must include the following data in a format of the provider’s choosing, i.e. paper or electronic:

  1. the name, date, and time of the activity, event, workshop, conference, etc.
  2. educator names and IEINs (Illinois Educator Identification Numbers)*
  3. educator arrival and departure times (in order to determine how many PD hours to grant the educator)

You must follow these guidelines to receive a PD sticker at the end of a session:

  1. Arrive within three (3) minutes of the session start time. (Arrive early or at least on time.)
  2. Fill out a session evaluation.
  3. Stay until the session ends…to the end of the session time frame.

The Session Chairs have been instructed to follow these guidelines:

  1. Participants who arrive later than three (3) minutes after the beginning of the session will not receive PD for that session.
  2. Participants who leave a session before the session has ended will not receive PD for that session.

We are confident you will want to hear the entire session to earn your PD hour. Please make sure to follow these guidelines in order to get the maximum amount of PD credit.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the officers regarding your request.