Friend of Illinois Business Education Association Award

The Friend of Illinois Business Education Association Award recognizes individuals or organizations outside the field of teaching business education who have recently provided or currently are providing significant contributions to business education in Illinois. The recipients will be determined by the Awards Selection Committee and honored at the Fall Conference. Examples of possible nominees include business firms, industries, boards of education, boards of trustees, lay citizens, legislators, etc.

ELIGIBILITY – The nominee(s) has/have demonstrated

  • Significant contributions to the improvement, promotion, development, and progress of business education
  • A concern for business education and IBEA as evidenced through sponsored programs, publications, financial support, and other activities.
  • Specific contributions to IBEA and to business education in Illinois

APPLICATION PROCEDURES – One (1) copy of the following materials must be submitted:

  • Biographical Data of Nominee (may not exceed one page, one side only)
  • Responses to Award Criterion (may not exceed one page, one side only, for each criterion)
  • A 10-point font or larger is required
  • Letters of endorsement for the nominee (a minimum of three, maximum of six). Standard size 8½” x 11” paper or letterhead is required, and letters must be limited to one page. These letters may be submitted by supervisors, colleagues, educators, students, community leaders, etc.
  • All winners will be included in a slide show during the conference. Please send a digital picture of yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you are selected to receive the award.


  • Demonstrated service to IBEA and IBEA affiliates - 60 points
  • Demonstrated commitment to business education and its future - 20 points
  • Service to business students and business student organizations - 10 points
  • Professional presentations, community awareness activities, and/or legislative activities - 10 points

APPLICATION DEADLINE – All materials must be submitted to the Awards Co-Chair postmarked no later than April 1 of the current year. Mail to:

Dr. Susan A. Timm
Elgin Community College
Building M, Room 105.06
1700 Spartan Drive
Elgin, IL 60123
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOMINATE ONLINE - Award Nomination Form - All nominations must be submitted no later than February 15.

SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS ONLINE - Award Submission Form - All materials must be submitted no later than April 1.


Friend of Illinois Business Education Association Award Nominee

List most recent activities first.  You may reproduce this page; however, you are limited to one total page for all categories, one side only. Use 10-point font or larger.

  • DEGREES (List degrees, institutions, and year attended.)
  • EXPERIENCE (Give years of experience related to business education.)
  • PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS (Provide name, years of membership, and leadership positions.)
  • HONORS AND AWARDS (Provide name of award, years, and name of sponsoring organization.)
  • PUBLICATIONS (Provide name of article/book, copyright date, and publisher. Do not include copies of any publications.)


Friend of Illinois Business Education Association Award

Please type each criterion at the top of a separate sheet of paper. Each response must not exceed one page, one side only. A 10-point or larger font is required.

  • DEMONSTRATED SERVICE TO IBEA AND IBEA AFFILIATES. Include information about your activities, projects, and sponsorships that have increased awareness of IBEA or have made improvements for the organization. Include any other information you deem significant. (Maximum points—60)
  • SERVICE TO BUSINESS STUDENTS AND BUSINESS STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS. Identify activities that have resulted in better preparation of business students for careers in business. Also include development and/or support of business education programs that have resulted in opportunities for business education students to benefit from interrelationships with the business community. (Maximum points—10)
  • PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS, COMMUNITY AWARENESS ACTIVITES, AND/OR LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITIES.  Identify efforts to inform others of the achievements of business education and of the needs of the program’s future developments. Identify the nominee’s role in public persuasiveness and/or support of state or federal legislation designed to advance purposes of business education. (Maximum points—10)