Professional Recognition Award

The Illinois Business Education Association board knows that our membership includes many excellent educators who have contributed greatly to their classroom, to their schools, to their professions, and to their communities. The awarding of the Professional Recognition Award to deserving recipients gives IBEA an opportunity to recognize its members for their many achievements and contributions throughout their professional lives.


Business educators at all levels of instruction who have taught a minimum of 15 years and have been members of the Illinois Business Education Association for a minimum of 10 years are eligible to apply for this Award. Retired teachers are also eligible and are encouraged to apply for the Award.


Every completed application which is received prior to the deadline and adheres to the application guidelines will be read and evaluated by a team of anonymous evaluators. The following three areas will be evaluated:

  • Professional Activities
  • Services to the Business Education Profession
  • Student-Centered Activities

Award recipients will be presented with the Professional Recognition Award at this year’s annual IBEA Fall Conference.

(All winners will be included in a slide show during the conference.  Please send a digital picture of yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you are selected to receive the award.)


Application materials must be prepared following the Criteria Guidelines. All materials must be submitted no later than April 1 to:

Dr. Susan A. Timm
Elgin Community College
Building M, Room 105.06
1700 Spartan Drive
Elgin, IL 60123
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOMINATE ONLINE - Award Nomination Form - All nominations must be submitted no later than February 15

SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS ONLINE - Award Submission Form - All materials must be submitted no later than April 1.


Professional Recognition Award

Criteria Guidelines

Please include a cover sheet containing the following information: name, school, address (school and home), phone (school and home) and e-mail address. Use a separate sheet of paper to address each of the following three areas, limiting your response for each area to no more than one side of a sheet of paper.

Your responses should be as complete--but as brief--as possible. The suggested topics in each area are quite comprehensive, and we realize that not all areas will apply nor can all be completed by everyone. We are asking that you be honest with yourself and take credit for what you have achieved. You may include one supplemental page to provide additional data which you believe has not been addressed in the four areas.

Upon completion, please staple this criteria sheet to your application, making sure that your response sheets are in the order in which the areas are listed below.

  • Professional Activities: Please provide information pertaining to your teaching experiences and current memberships in business education related organizations and other educational or specialty/related organizations. Please include the number of years you have taught and been a member of IBEA. Include offices held in local, state, regional, or national business education organizations; other kinds of service to these organizations; and conferences and conventions attended.
  • Service to the Business Education Profession: List presentations made at professional meetings and workshops/seminars conducted. Provide information about articles published in professional journals and textbooks authored, co-authored, or reviewed. Indicate service to your school as a committee member, supervisor of a student teacher, department chair or program coordinator, mentor teacher to a new or part-time faculty staff member, accreditation body visiting team member, and other professional service activities.
  • Student-Centered Activities: List your achievements with student-centered activities. Please provide information about sponsorship or advisement of any student organizations, advisement to student organization officers other than at the local level, and contests you have chaired, conducted, or judged.