Frequently Asked Questions - Acronyms and Abbreviations

FAQs - Acronyms and Abbreviations

This section explains the acronyms and abbreviations you will find on the IBEA website, the IBEA listserv, and in the IBEA Reports newsletter.

What is IBEA?

The state association for business educators in Illinois.

An annual Fall Conference is held in November.

There are 11 local affiliate organizations of IBEA.  They are:

Chicago Area Business Educators Association (CABEA); Chicago Business Education Association (CBEA); Central Illinois Business Education Association (CIBEA); Eastern Illinois Business Education Association (EIBEA); Illinois Business Teacher Educators Council (IBTEC); Mid-Illinois Business Education Association (MIBEA); Northern Illinois Business Education Association (NIBEA); Peoria Area Business Education Association (PABEA); Southern Illinois Business Education Association (SIBEA); South-West Area Business Education Association (SWABEA) and Western Illinois Area Business Education Association (WIABEA)

What is NCBEA?

NCBEA stands for the North Central Business Education Association. It is the regional association to which IBEA members belong (if they are also members of NBEA).  Member states include Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Minnesota.  This Association’s conferences are generally held in conjunction with one of the region’s state conferences.

What is NBEA?

The National Business Education Association (NBEA) is the nation's largest professional organization devoted exclusively to serving individuals and groups engaged in instruction, administration, research, and dissemination of information for and about business education.

An annual convention is held; its location is rotated among the five regions, the North Central Business Education Association (NCBEA), the Eastern Business Education Association (EBEA), the Southern Business Education Association (SBEA), the Mountain-Plains Business Education Association (M-PBEA), and Western Business and Information Technology Education (WBITE).

What is ISBE?

ISBE has two meanings to Illinois business educators. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the International Society for Business Education (ISBE) - the international association for business educators.

An annual conference is held during the summer months in host countries throughout the world.  There is a U.S. chapter of this organization.

What is IACTE?

IACTE is the Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education. It is formerly known as the Illinois Vocational Association (IVA) and is the state association for all career and technical education instructors. An annual conference is held.

There are 9 affiliates, including IBEA:

Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT); Illinois Business Education Association (IBEA); Illinois Association of Vocational Education Special Needs Personnel (ILAVESNP); Illinois Council of Vocational Administrators (ICVA); Illinois Career Coordinators Association (ICCA); Illinois Health Occupations Association (IHOA); Technology Education Association of Illinois (TEAI); Illinois Family and Consumer Science Teachers Association (IFACSTA); and Illinois Vocational New and Related Affiliated (IVNRA)

What is ACTE?

ACTE is the Association for Career and Technical Education. It is formerly American Vocational Association and is the national association for all career and technical education instructors. An annual convention is held in December in various states in the U.S.

What is DPE?

DPE is Delta Pi Epsilon. It is a national honorary fraternity for business educators at the graduate level.

What is POP?

POP is Pi Omega Pi. It is an honorary undergraduate fraternity for prospective business education teachers.

What is PBL?

PBL stands for Phi Beta Lambda. It is a business organization open to all college students preparing for business careers. This is the collegiate counterpart of FBLA.

What is FBLA?

FBLA is Future Business Leaders of America. It is a high school organization for students pursuing business careers.

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