All issues of the Reports will be available via the IBEA Web site only. The fall issue will be available in the public section of the Web site while the winter and spring issues will be posted in the members-only section.A printed copy of any issue of the Reports can be obtained for any current IBEA member by contacting the IBEA Reports Editor at the email address listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the IBEA Reports documents are extremely large files because they contain many pictures and will take a long time to download. Please be patient!

Fall editions of the IBEA Reports are available to everyone. The fall editions are available by choosing the Forms and Documents menu above and choosing Downloadable Documents. The newsletters are located in the IBEA Reports category. They can also be accessed directly by clicking here.

The current year spring and winter editions, as well as previous years' IBEA Reports (including the prior-year fall editions) are available only to current IBEA members. Members can access those files from the Forms and Documents menu at the top of the page under the Downloadable Documents item. In order to view the additional IBEA Reports issues, you must login using the IBEA Member Login panel located at the right side of the page. If you are not a current IBEA member, you can find membership information here.

Copy deadlines for the IBEA Reports are:
Fall--August 1
Winter--December 1
Spring--April 1

Submit your articles in Microsoft Word format attached
to an e-mail to Mary Lutz at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Fall 2014 IBEA Reports

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