Greetings. As the weather changes, it signals another school year is starting. As we are getting ready for the new school year, we also need to think about those leadership opportunities that will come our way.

A few years ago, at an IBEA Fall Conference, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with another board member about leadership. As our conversation progressed, I asked how this person viewed leadership and how we know what leadership looks like. He told me that you cannot see leadership, but it is rather something you feel. He described leadership as being like the wind. We really can’t see or touch the wind, but we can see the effects.

As educators, we are leaders in our schools, classrooms, and community. As things change, we change the “wind” we need to be. Sometimes we are a gentle breeze that guides a student toward trying something new or having more confidence in themselves; other times we need to be a more direct “wind” that moves whatever we touch forward.

One of the best ways to become a more positive force is to attend conferences and network with other educators. As IBEA members, we have this opportunity by attending the IBEA fall conference. This conference will provide chances for each of us to broaden our skill set, learn about new technologies, and hear from other educators about the importance of business education. Please see more detailed information in this issue of IBEA Reports regarding the upcoming conference.

In addition, please consider getting more involved in your professional organization. The IBEA Board is made up of volunteers like you who value business education. It has taken many volunteers to get IBEA where it is today. You can run for a position on the board, volunteer as a session chair at the conference, and/ or present at the conference. We need your experience and expertise to continue to develop IBEA.

As part of my duties, I had the opportunity to attend two conferences this summer, the ACTE Region III conference in East Peoria and NCBEA Conference in Ankeny, Iowa. Both conferences stressed the fact that as career and technical educators, we are playing an important role in developing our work force for the future. We need to continue to stress, at both the local and state levels, the importance of what we do every day.

I would like to thank you for your sup-port and providing me with the chance to represent you this past year. I have enjoyed the experience and being able to build relationships that I have developed as a member of the IBEA Board.

Have a great school year, and I look forward to seeing you at the IBEA Fall Conference.

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