Who to contact:
Cathy Carruthers
IBEA Membership Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Full Regular IBEA Membership  

$45 - Illinois Business Education Association (IBEA)
$105 - IBEA and Illinois Career and Technical Education (IACTE)

Student IBEA Membership
(Not Yet Teacher Certified)

  $10 - IBEA
$15 - IBEA and IACTE
Students are defined as: Individuals who are enrolled as full-time students preparing to become career and technical educators and who are not employed full-time in the education system as a teacher, counselor, or administrator.

Retired IBEA Membership  

$10 - IBEA
$70 - IBEA, IACTE (Active)*

*Must be an active IACTE member to vote and participate in the House of Delegates.

Membership forms are available from the Forms & Documents area of the website. Click the link on the left side of this page to access them. The membership forms are located in the Downloadable Documents section under Membership Forms. To directly link to the membership forms, please folder click here .

IBEA is now processing dues payments online. IBEA is accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, debit cards, and PayPal accounts.

Only credit, debit, or PayPal payments will be accepted for membership dues when processed through the IBEA website. To renew with a check, you must mail the membership form, along with your payment, to the membership coordinator at the following address:

Cathy Carruthers
IBEA Membership
803 Enos Lane
Godfrey, IL 62035

If you have never joined IBEA or are wanting to renew your membership, you can select your dues option and create a website member account in just a few easy steps. To create a new account and pay your dues, please click here.

If you have any questions about the online dues payment process, please contact the Webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All other membership questions should be directed to Cathy Carruthers at the e-mail address listed below.

National Business Education Association (NBEA)
Membership Information

As an IBEA member, you are also encouraged to join NBEA and NCBEA. Membership in NCBEA is automatic when you join NBEA. To become an NBEA member, simply go to the NBEA website at http://www.nbea.org and click on the link for Member Information. After that, click the Join Today! link to sign up for NBEA. You may either apply online or print out a paper form and mail your dues to NBEA.

NBEA Dues for the current year are:

  • Professional: $80
  • Professional & ISBE (International Society for Business Education): $105
  • Student: $40 (full-time student enrolled in business teacher education program)
  • Retired: $50 (must be an NBEA member continuously for 10 years and retired from full-time employment)

To apply as a student or retired member, you must call NBEA at 703.860.8300. You cannot use the online or paper membership forms for these types of membership.

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