Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

FAQs - General Questions

Answers to your general questions about IBEA.

How can I get involved with IBEA?

Contact any IBEA Board Member.  There are opportunities to serve on committees, help at the annual state convention and regional events.  Your time and talent would be very much appreciated

I would like to serve on the IBEA Board. What should I do?

Elections are held in the spring for open positions. Announcements are made on the IBEA web site, the IBEA listserv and in the IBEA Reports for open positions that begin the following November. You will be given an opportunity to apply for open positions at that time or contact any board member to express your interest.

You may fill out a candidate interest form online by clicking here.

How many affiliates are there in Illinois?

There are ten affiliate regions in the state. Each affiliate has a representative that serves on the IBEA Board.  Click on the Affiliate Listing page for more information.

What is my affiliate? What if I live in one affiliate but work in another?

Your affiliate is generally the one in which you work. However, you may join any affiliate you wish and/or attend any meetings that appeal to you or are more convenient for you. Click on the Affiliate Listing page for more information.

What is IBEA's purpose or mission?

IBEA's overall purpose and mission is to serve business educators in Illinois. For a complete purpose and mission statement, click here.

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