VISION: Furthering Business Education in Illinois

MISSION: The Illinois Business Education Association promotes business education by providing needed programs, resources, publication, and services to its membership, and presenting a unified voice on behalf of business educators in Illinois as well as throughout the nation.

  A.   IBEA will promote business education by working with: 
      I.A.1.   IBEA members, Career and Technical Education affiliates, business partners, and business teachers.
      I.A.2.   University/college/state business teacher preparation programs.
      I.A.3.   Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs).
  B.   In order to promote business education IBEA will:
      I.B.1.    Create an awareness of business education to future students and current teachers, legislators, and administrators.
      I.B.2.   Promote the value-added benefits of being a member of a state business education association.
      I.B.3   Share the benefits of membership with current and prospective IBEA members.
      I.B.4.   Attend state/national conferences.
      I.B.5.   Offer opportunities for educators to earn Professional Development units (PDs).
      I.B.6.   Recognize the accomplishments of IBEA members.
      I.B.7.   Provide incentives to students as they continue their business education studies.
      I.B.8.   Provide scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate business education students.
      I.B.9.   Develop a presence on social media.
  A.   IBEA will provide professional/leadership development by:
      II.A.1.   Sharing best practices for the business education classroom.
      II.A.2.   Offering various curricular resources.
      II.A.3.    Encouraging members to apply for leadership positions.
      II.A.4.   Working with/Offering leadership training to current and aspiring business teachers.
      II.A.5.    Being involved in Advocacy/Legislation.
      II.A.6.    Promoting equity and inclusion within the profession. 
  B.   In order to provide professional/leadership development IBEA will:
      II.B.1.   Present at affiliate meetings/conferences to share opportunities within the organization and profession.
      II.B.2.    Work with Illinois educational institutions offering business teacher certification.
      II.B.3.    Provide resources for Illinois business education programs at colleges and universities.
      II.B.4.    Continue to provide an annual fall conference.
      II.B.5.    Develop/Provide best practices for each business education teaching area.
      II.B.6.    Continue advocacy efforts.
      II.B.7.    Provide opportunities for IBEA members to work with legislators.
  IBEA will present a unified voice in Illinois and the nation by:
  A.    Recruiting members into the organization.
  B.   Collaborating with: 
      III.B.1.   IBEA, state, regional, and national affiliates.
      III.B.2.    Illinois school districts, community colleges, and universities. 
      III.B.3.   Career and Technical Student Organizations.
      III.B.4.    Business teacher preparation programs throughout the state.
      III.B.5.    Local and state businesses.
      III.B.6.    State and national legislators.