A Message from Your IBEA President!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year; I am sure you and your students are exhibiting the excitement, anxiousness, and hopefulness of another great year!

You need to know how very important you and your business education curriculum are to your students’ futures. Please keep this in mind throughout the school year and call on your IBEA and IACTE professional organizations to aid you. Join both IBEA and IACTE found at www.ibea.org and www.iacte.org, respectively, and get connected with your local business education colleagues through IBEA affiliates!

Professional Development

Keep connected with your colleagues by attending the annual conference and sharing your experiences and successes with each other! Be a presenter at the IBEA Fall Conference. Just because you have enjoyed student success in areas does not mean your colleagues know these techniques, activities, websites, lesson plan resources, etc. You are important to the professional development for others when you share. Please go to www.ibea.org, fill out the conference presenter form, and “enlighten” us, too!

In addition, to keep yourself fine-tuned, up-to-date, and “Empowered in Business Education,” we offer you professional development at your annual IBEA Fall Conference, November 8–10, 2017, to be held in Springfield this year! In my opinion, this annual IBEA Fall Conference holds the greatest opportunities for business educators to “Exchange,” “Engage,” and get “Enlightened.” Christie Hovey, IBEA 1st Vice President, and her conference committee have worked very hard to bring you excellent sessions, tours, and times to network throughout this conference. Registration opens soon at www.ibea.org!

Did you know your IBEA membership, registration, and conference fees are tax deductible? Check with your CTE area coordinators to see if they can cover registration. Who are your CTE for Employment Directors? Download the Illinois State Board of Education contact list: https://www.isbe.net/Documents/EFE_directory.pdf#search=EFE%20Directors

You Hold the Keys!

As business teachers, we know we must keep our eyes on the future, learn the trends, and adjust our curriculum to teach and prepare our students for those careers that may exist in the future. With that in mind, we not only learn, but we instill the inquisitive desire to learn beyond the “textbook” to our students. As our society needs critical thinkers and problem solvers to be able to cope and adjust to the future careers and demands, we must go beyond the foundations they receive from our specific curriculums.

Yes, the foundational curriculum of business and technology education consistently brings relevance to the “core” especially in today’s economic environment. But those “soft skills” of confidence and compassion you bring and instill within your students make them believe “they can” achieve in this realm. In some cases, your influence may be the “clinching” factor for their success.

You Impact Students!

Keep it positive, compassionate, and interactive! Business educators know how to bring the curriculum to life by giving students those “real world” experiences which answers their question, “Why do I need to know this?

Since our students are coming from all types of cultures, home environments, and backgrounds, they need not only the skills and knowledge you share, but the soft skills needed for success in any career. They need you to be in their corner as I know you are to guide them. In hopes that you might be able to incorporate one or more of these soft skills as you see fit with your students, I offer you Art Costa’s “16 Habits of Mind.” You can find a short list, vocabulary used, and explanations of these “Habits of Mind” at http://www.chsvt.org/wdp/Habits_of_Mind.pdf. I hope these are helpful to you.

Networking and Professional Relationships

In conclusion, feel free to reach out to your IBEA colleagues! Building professional relationships are important for us as well as for our students! Make sure you are an IBEA member in good standing and are a part of the IBEA ListServ conversations where we share our resources and questions with each other.

I hope to see each of you at the IBEA Fall Conference, November 8-10, where we can continue our professional journey together!

Best wishes,
Diane Mahinda
IBEA President