A Message from Your IBEA President!

Welcome to a new school year! Whether you are starting your business education teaching journey or continuing the tradition, I hope you have a wonderful year!

If you are looking for new ideas for your classroom, check out over 500 classroom activities included at the IBEA website, www.ibea.org, Members Only section. To find these, login to your IBEA account, locate the Members Only tab at the top of the page, point to Downloadable Publications, and click on IBEA Publications. Feel free to modify the activities to include your favorite websites! While at the website, please be sure that your IBEA profile is up-to-date, by selecting Edit Profile below your IBEA login information at the right side of the webpage. At the View Profile link, clicking the Subscription tab in the middle of the page for your profile lets you know when your IBEA dues renew. Please double-check that your preferred mailing address is up-to-date. If you recently changed schools and have a new email address and other contact information, please share that with Deena Powell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Thank you, Deena for compiling our Illinois business educator database this past year. Please watch your email for membership news from Josh Ebbert. If you are not receiving those emails, please check your SPAM/Clutter folder and ensure that Deena has your updated contact information.

Another way to obtain innovative activities for your classroom is to attend the 56th Annual IBEA Fall Conference November 7-9, 2018, at the President Abraham Lincoln Springfield - A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Springfield. An added benefit of your IBEA membership is the discount you receive on your conference registration. I encourage you to download and complete the conference registration form and get your travel plans confirmed today. Be sure to check the website frequently to see the list of updates for the IBEA Annual Fall Conference. If you are considering certifications or expanding your offerings, the IBEA Conference is the place for you to try out the exams for free or at a reduced cost. Certifications available this year include Adobe Certified Associate, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, IC3 Digital Literacy, Microsoft Office Specialist 2016, Microsoft Technology Associate, and QuickBooks Certified User.

Please also reach out to your colleagues at your school and/or neighboring schools and encourage them to join/renew their IBEA memberships and invite them to attend the conference with you. Mention to them the Join Today tab on the IBEA website. If it’s been a few years since you saw your college business education classmates, reach out to them and have a reunion at the IBEA Conference! As you know, the conversations you have during and after the conference can spark creative, collaborative ideas for your classrooms! Be sure to check out the activities your IBEA affiliate has planned for you during this school year as another opportunity to connect with others in your profession! Meeting dates may be posted on the News & Events tab at the IBEA website.

As you progress through your school year, be on the lookout for those students who may be interested in a career as a business educator. Now, more than ever, it is important to recruit others to the profession we chose. As an incentive, remind those interested about the IBEA scholarships available for pursuing a career in business education. Details about scholarships can be found on the Our Organization tab of the IBEA website. Download the scholarship application at the Forms & Documents website tab.

Imagine what IBEA and the IBEA annual fall conference might look like if all Illinois business educators were involved in their professional organization! For as little as $45 per year, $3.75 per month, or $0.12 per day, your IBEA regular membership helps you have a collective voice in what happens with business education throughout Illinois. I am disheartened when I see business education jobs posted, go unfilled, and then are eventually eliminated. I watch in awe as another career and technical education field has grown its number of recent college graduates exponentially and is gaining in CTE classroom offerings in high schools. This year, please take a few moments to encourage your colleagues to join/renew their IBEA membership and attend the IBEA Annual Fall Conference!

Thank you for all you do in your business education classrooms! Thank you to each one of you who is currently in a leadership position with IBEA and/or your IBEA affiliate, has been in a leadership in IBEA/IBEA affiliate in the past and has shaped our organization, has taught and/or mentored an aspiring business educator, or has presented at an annual fall conference or affiliate meeting. If you would like to be more involved with your business education profession, please reach out to any IBEA Board Member today (To access the board member listing, while logged in on the IBEA website, click the Members Only tab, click Meet the Board or the Our Organization tab, click Board of Directors).

After all these years of teaching, I still love the start of a new school year! I’m just as excited about walking into the classroom on the first day this school year as I was on the first day of my first teaching job. While a lot has changed in education since I taught my first class, the guiding principle of teaching students and helping them learn and achieve their goals/dreams remains much the same. Have a great year!

I look forward to hearing your ideas about business education!

Christie Hovey
IBEA President