A Message from Your IBEA President!

Happy holidays!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the opportunity to connect/reconnect with family and friends—whether it be in person or through the exchange of holiday cards.

As I begin my year as your IBEA President, I would like to encourage you to connect/reconnect with your fellow business educators. Perhaps those connections include current and retired members from your business department(s), former college teachers and/or classmates, mentors from your teaching career, administrators who once taught in business education classrooms at your schools, former co-workers from a previous job, or colleagues and/or speakers you met at business education-related conferences.

When you are connecting with them, please engage them in conversations to learn what they are doing to support the field of business education. Exchange ideas that work in your respective business education classrooms. Invite them to attend your IBEA affiliate spring meeting(s)with you and then go one step further by offering to drive them there so you can use the time to network. Share an article from the IBEA Reports or provide a link to a topic on the IBEA website, www.ibea.org. If they are not currently a member of IBEA, ask them to consider making 2018 the year they get involved. After all, the cost of an IBEA membership is minimal at $45 per year or around $0.12 per day! If they have not attended an IBEA conference in a while, enlighten them about all they can learn at the annual fall conference in November. Encourage them to help you continue to advance the field of business education through their involvement in IBEA.

You might say that I have been connected to business education since birth! My father, Larry Jahn, is a retired business education teacher at Hoopeston East Lynn High School, now Hoopeston Area High School. My father went to EIU with current NBEA Executive Director, Janet Treichel, and her sister. My first part-time business education teaching job was at Danville Area Community College working with and learning from Marilyn Satterwhite. Marilyn and my mom, Gloria, a retired Spanish teacher, continue to connect through an education-related sorority in the Danville area. I regularly go to lunch with Dr. Tricia Kujawa, who started teaching business education courses the same year I did at Jacksonville High School. Tricia and her husband have both been employed at LLCC, my employer, for a number of years. When I started at LLCC and began attending another conference around the same time as IBEA, it was Marcy Satterwhite who encouraged me to present sessions at the fall conference which ultimately led to my serving in a leadership capacity on the IBEA board. I married the stepson of former Glenwood High School business education teacher in Chatham, Roz Kitchen Hovey. I connected again at the 2017 IBEA Fall Conference with Kevin Root, my former high school classmate who now teaches at my former high school. If I had more space in this issue, I could continue sharing my business education connections; however, I think you get the idea!

Let’s get this back to YOU, my fellow IBEA members and readers, what are your business education connections? Feel free to tweet them and/or to share them on the IBEA Facebook page.

Once I finish writing this, I will begin packing my suitcase in preparation for traveling to the ACTE CareerTech Vision 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. I look forward to connecting with others in the career and technical education field at the conference and to sharing what I learn from the conference with others in my business education field.

I hope that in 2018 I get the chance to connect with YOU! Please reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 217.786.4943 or in person so that we may connect!

Have a wonderful, business education-filled life in 2018!


Christie Hovey
IBEA President