• General Questions
    Answers to your general questions about IBEA.
  • 1. How can I get involved with IBEA?

    Contact any IBEA Board Member.  There are opportunities to serve on committees, help at the annual state convention and regional events.  Your time and talent would be very much appreciated.

  • 2. I would like to serve on the IBEA Board. What should I do?

    Elections are held in the spring for open positions. Announcements are made on the IBEA web site, the IBEA listserv and in the IBEA Reports for open positions that begin the following November. You will be given an opportunity to apply for open positions at that time or contact any board member to express your interest.

    You may fill out a candidate interest form online by clicking here.

  • 3. How many affiliates are there in Illinois?

    There are ten affiliate regions in the state. Each affiliate has a representative that serves on the IBEA Board.  Click on the Affiliate Listing page for more information.

  • 4. What is my affiliate? What if I live in one affiliate but work in another?

    Your affiliate is generally the one in which you work. However, you may join any affiliate you wish and/or attend any meetings that appeal to you or are more convenient for you. Click on the Affiliate Listing page for more information.

  • 5. What is IBEA's vision and mission?

    VISION: Furthering Business Education in Illinois

    MISSION: The Illinois Business Education Association promotes business education by providing needed programs, resources, publication, and services to its membership, and presenting a unified voice on behalf of business educators in Illinois as well as throughout the nation.

    For a complete vision and mission statement, click here.

  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
    This section explains the acronyms and abbreviations you will find on the IBEA website, the IBEA listserv, and in the IBEA Reports newsletter.
  • 1. What is IBEA?

    The state association for business educators in Illinois.

    An annual Fall Conference is held in November.

    There are 11 local affiliate organizations of IBEA.  They are:

    Chicago Area Business Educators Association (CABEA); Chicago Business Education Association (CBEA); Central Illinois Business Education Association (CIBEA); Eastern Illinois Business Education Association (EIBEA); Illinois Business Teacher Educators Council (IBTEC); Mid-Illinois Business Education Association (MIBEA); Northern Illinois Business Education Association (NIBEA); Peoria Area Business Education Association (PABEA); Southern Illinois Business Education Association (SIBEA); South-West Area Business Education Association (SWABEA) and Western Illinois Area Business Education Association (WIABEA)

  • 2. What is NCBEA?

    NCBEA stands for the North Central Business Education Association. It is the regional association to which IBEA members belong (if they are also members of NBEA).  Member states include Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Minnesota.  This Association’s conferences are generally held in conjunction with one of the region’s state conferences.

  • 3. What is NBEA?

    The National Business Education Association (NBEA) is the nation's largest professional organization devoted exclusively to serving individuals and groups engaged in instruction, administration, research, and dissemination of information for and about business education.

    An annual convention is held; its location is rotated among the five regions, the North Central Business Education Association (NCBEA), the Eastern Business Education Association (EBEA), the Southern Business Education Association (SBEA), the Mountain-Plains Business Education Association (M-PBEA), and Western Business and Information Technology Education (WBITE).

  • 4. What is ISBE?

    ISBE has two meanings to Illinois business educators. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the International Society for Business Education (ISBE) - the international association for business educators.

    An annual conference is held during the summer months in host countries throughout the world.  There is a U.S. chapter of this organization.

  • 5. What is IACTE?

    IACTE is the Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education. It is formerly known as the Illinois Vocational Association (IVA) and is the state association for all career and technical education instructors. An annual conference is held.

    There are 9 affiliates, including IBEA:

    Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT); Illinois Business Education Association (IBEA); Illinois Association of Vocational Education Special Needs Personnel (ILAVESNP); Illinois Council of Vocational Administrators (ICVA); Illinois Career Coordinators Association (ICCA); Illinois Health Occupations Association (IHOA); Technology Education Association of Illinois (TEAI); Illinois Family and Consumer Science Teachers Association (IFACSTA); and Illinois Vocational New and Related Affiliated (IVNRA)

  • 6. What is ACTE?

    ACTE is the Association for Career and Technical Education. It is formerly American Vocational Association and is the national association for all career and technical education instructors. An annual convention is held in December in various states in the U.S. They also host the National Policy Seminar in Washington, D.C. each year.

  • 7. What is DPE?

    DPE is Delta Pi Epsilon. It is a national honorary fraternity for business educators at the graduate level.

  • 8. What is POP?

    POP is Pi Omega Pi. It is an honorary undergraduate fraternity for prospective business education teachers.

  • 9. What is PBL?

    PBL stands for Phi Beta Lambda. It is a business organization open to all college students preparing for business careers. This is the collegiate counterpart of FBLA.

  • 10. What is FBLA?

    FBLA is Future Business Leaders of America. It is a high school organization for students pursuing business careers.

  • 11. What is BPA?

    BPA is Business Professionals of America. It is a high school organization for students pursuing business careers.

  • 12. What is DECA?

    Formerly known as Distributive Education Clubs of America. It is a high school organization for those planning careers in marketing.

  • 13. What is ICCCTSO?

    ICCCTSO is the Illinois Coordinating Council for Career and Technical Student Organizations. It is comprised of the executive directors from all student organizations in the state of Illinois and the presidents or their representatives of each of the organizations.

  • 14. What is SkillsUSA?

    A national organization serving more than 264,500 high school and college students and professional members enrolled in training programs in technical, skilled, and service occupations, including business occupations. SkillsUSA programs include local, state and national competitions in which students demonstrate occupational and leadership skills.

  • Awards and Scholarships
    Questions about IBEA Professional Awards and Scholarships
  • 1. What awards are given by IBEA?

    Each year, IBEA gives out awards in eleven different categories. Those categories are:

    IBEA Distinguished Service Award, IBEA Middle School, Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Collegiate Teacher of the Year Awards, IBEA Supervisor/Administrator of the Year Award, IBEA Outstanding New Professional Award, IBEA Research Award, Professional Recognition Awards, Writers' Hall of Fame, and the Friend of IBEA Award.

  • 2. When are award applications due?

    Applications for IBEA awards are due by April 1 each year with the exception of the Research Award. The research award deadline is September 1 each year.

    Nominations for IBEA awards are due February 15 each year.

  • 3. How do I nominate someone for an IBEA award?

    There are two ways that a person can be nominated for an award. You may fill out the award nomination form online or mail a printed copy of the nomination form to the awards co-chair for the award for which you wish to nominate a candidate.

    To nominate online, click here.

    To download a nomination form to mail in, click here.

  • 4. How do I submit my materials for an award for which I have been nominated?

    You may submit your materials for the award for which you have been nominated in two ways. You may send them electronically through the IBEA website or you may mail the information to the IBEA awards co-chair responsible for your award.

    To submit your materials electronically, you must have documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. All pictures must be in JPG or PNG format.

    To submit your award materials online, click here.

  • 5. What scholarships does IBEA offer?

    IBEA offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships. These scholarships are awarded each year at the fall conference.

  • 6. What is the deadline for scholarship applications?

    The deadline for all scholarship applications is May 20 of each year.

  • 7. How many scholarships are awarded?

    IBEA awards up to four scholarships across all categories each year.

  • 8. How do I apply for an IBEA scholarship?

    To apply for an IBEA scholarship, you must fill out the online application and submit two letters of recommendation and an official, sealed copy of your transcript to the scholarship chairperson no later than May 20.

    To apply online, click one of the following links:

    Dora J. Beattie IBEA Undergraduate Scholarship Application Form

    Gloria Bousley IBEA Graduate Scholarship Application Form

  • Membership Questions
    Questions regarding membership in IBEA.
  • 1. How much are IBEA dues?

    IBEA dues are $45 for regular members and $10 for students and retired educators. To join or renew membership in IBEA with a credit/debit card, click here.

    To download a paper form, click here.

  • 2. What is IBEA's membership year?

    IBEA membership dues are valid one year from the date from when you first join or renew your membership in IBEA. For example: if you renew your dues on April 1, then your dues would need to be renewed by April 1 in the following year.

  • 3. What are the benefits of IBEA membership?

    There are many benefits to being a member of IBEA. You receive a discount on the fall conference registration fee, can be recognized through the IBEA Awards Program, and have access to special areas on the IBEA website, and more. For a complete listing of member benefits, click here.

  • 4. How can I pay my membership dues?

    You can pay your membership dues through the website using a credit or debit card or through a PayPal account. IBEA is accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. To renew or begin your membership online, just click here.

    You can also pay your membership dues by check and mail the form and your payment to Cathy Carruthers, Membership Coordinator at the address listed on the paper membership form. To download a paper membership form, click here.

  • 5. Who can join IBEA as a student member?

    Students are defined as individuals who are enrolled as full-time students preparing to become career and technical educators and who are not employed full-time in the education system as a teacher, counselor, or administrator.

  • Fall Conference
    Questions about the IBEA Fall Conference.
  • 1. When is the IBEA Fall Conference?

    The IBEA Fall Conference is held the second week of November on the Wednesday through Friday of that week.

  • 2. What is the registration fee to attend the conference?

    Currently, the cost to attend the conference is as follows:

    Type   Early Bird
    Regular IBEA Member   $195   $215   $230
    Student IBEA Member   65   85   100
    Retired IBEA Member   140   160   175
    Non-IBEA Member   295   315   330
  • 3. What is included in the conference registration fee?

    The registration fee includes all meal functions, tours, breakout sessions, and Certiport testing.

  • 4. Where is the conference held?

    The conference is currently held in Springfield, Illinois at the President Abraham Lincoln Springfield--A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. The hotel is located at 701 E. Adams Street, Springfield, IL 62701. This hotel is directly across the street from the Wyndham Springfield (Formerly Hilton Springfield Hotel).

  • 5. What is the cost of the hotel?

    Currently, the hotel cost is $111 + tax per night. Attendees needing a hotel room will generally reserve two (2) nights since the conference begins at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.

  • 6. What types of sessions are offered at the conference?

    There are numerous breakout sessions related to the latest trends in business and technology for your classroom. Tours of two local businesses are provided. Certiport testing is available on Wednesday and Thursday in a variety of areas including Microsoft Office Specialist, QuickBooks, etc.

    Both luncheons on Thursday and Friday include a featured speaker along with the presentation of the IBEA Awards and Scholarships. A business meeting is also held during the Friday luncheon.

  • 7. Are there vendors at the conference?

    Yes! We have vendors at the conference that will show you the latest textbooks and other useful items for your classroom. Past vendors have included B.E. Publishing, Certiport, Everfi, Goodheart-Wilcox, National Geographic/Cengage, Pearson, etc.

  • 8. How can my company be a vendor at your conference?

    Information for vendors is released in the spring. Please watch our website for details. Vendor spaces are $250 per booth if reserved by the deadline. After the deadline, each booth is $300. For more information about being a vendor at our conference, please contact Jessie Ervin at jervin@ibea.org.

  • 9. How do I become a presenter for the IBEA Fall Conference?

    If you would like to present a session at the IBEA Fall Conference, you need to fill out a Call for Presentations Form. You can find the forms here:

    Online Form: Call for Presenters

    Paper Form: Paper Conference Forms

    For more information, you may contact Carol Brooks, First Vice President, at firstvp@ibea.org

  • 10. How do I become a session chairperson for the IBEA Fall Conference?

    If you would like to serve as a session chairperson, you need to fill out a Call For Chairpersons Form. They can be found here:

    Online: Call For Chairpersons

    Paper: Paper Conference Forms

    For more information, please contact Susan Timm, Second Vice President, at secondvp@ibea.org.

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