Frequently Asked Questions - Awards and Scholarships

FAQs - Awards and Scholarships

Questions about IBEA Professional Awards and Scholarships

What awards are given by IBEA?

Each year, IBEA gives out awards in eleven different categories. Those categories are:

IBEA Distinguished Service Award, IBEA Middle School, Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Collegiate Teacher of the Year Awards, IBEA Supervisor/Administrator of the Year Award, IBEA Outstanding New Professional Award, IBEA Research Award, Professional Recognition Awards, Writers' Hall of Fame, and the Friend of IBEA Award.

When are award applications due?

Applications for IBEA awards are due by April 1 each year with the exception of the Research Award. The research award deadline is September 1 each year.

Nominations for IBEA awards are due February 15 each year.

How do I nominate someone for an IBEA award?

There are two ways that a person can be nominated for an award. You may fill out the award nomination form online or mail a printed copy of the nomination form to the awards co-chair for the award for which you wish to nominate a candidate.

To nominate online, click here.

To download a nomination form to mail in, click here.

How do I submit my materials for an award for which I have been nominated?

You may submit your materials for the award for which you have been nominated in two ways. You may send them electronically through the IBEA website or you may mail the information to the IBEA awards co-chair responsible for your award.

To submit your materials electronically, you must have documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. All pictures must be in JPG or PNG format.

To submit your award materials online, click here.

What scholarships does IBEA offer?

IBEA offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships. These scholarships are awarded each year at the fall conference.

What is the deadline for scholarship applications?

The deadline for all scholarship applications is May 20 of each year.

How many scholarships are awarded?

IBEA awards up to four scholarships across all categories each year.

How do I apply for an IBEA scholarship?

To apply for an IBEA scholarship, you must fill out the online application and submit two letters of recommendation and an official, sealed copy of your transcript to the scholarship chairperson no later than May 20.

To apply online, click one of the following links:

Dora J. Beattie IBEA Undergraduate Scholarship Application Form

Gloria Bousley IBEA Graduate Scholarship Application Form

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