Outstanding New Professional Award Criteria

The IBEA Outstanding New Professional Award recognizes business educators who have been employed in the area of business education for no more than 5 years. This award recognizes new teachers who demonstrate innovative or unique teaching methods. The recipient will be determined by the Awards Selection Committee and honored at the Fall Conference.


  • No more than 5 years teaching experience in the field of business education
  • Nominee has demonstrated innovative or unique teaching methods that made a positive impact on students in business education courses
  • Nominee has demonstrated accomplishments in the following areas:
    • Significant accomplishments in the area of business education, including innovative or unique program, impact of program, and teacher effectiveness
    • Membership, participation in local and state professional associations
    • Professional contributions (may include presentations and publications)
    • Involvement in civic and community activities (to include civic, fraternal, and/or honorary memberships and community activities or contributions)
    • Membership in IBEA

APPLICATION PROCEDURES – One (1) copy of the following materials must be submitted:

  • Biographical Data of Nominee (Resume/CV acceptable)
  • Responses to Award Criterion
  • A 10-point or larger font is required
  • Letters of endorsement for the nominee (two required). Standard size 8 1/2" x 11" paper or letterhead is required, and letters must be limited to one page. Submit one from a colleague/community leader and another from supervisor/administrator
  • All winners will be included in a slide show during the conference. Please send a digital picture of the nominee to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case they are selected for the award.


  • Significant accomplishments in business education - 60 points
  • Membership and Service to IBEA, IBEA affiliate, NCBEA, IACTE, NBEA, student organizations, and/or DPE - 20 points
  • Professional presentations, publications, and/or legislative activities - 10 points
  • Involvement in civic and community activities - 10 points

APPLICATION DEADLINE - All materials must be submitted electronically to the Awards Chair no later than July 1 of the current year to:

Awards Chair
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
SUBJECT: IBEA Award Nomination Forms

NOMINATE ONLINE - Award Nomination Form

SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS ONLINE - Award Submission Form - All materials must be submitted no later than July 1.


Outstanding New Professional Award Nominee

List most recent activities first. Use 10-point font or larger. A resume/CV can be submitted instead of this form as long as it documents the same information requested below. If submitting a resume/CV in place of filling out this form, submit this form and write "see included resume/CV."

  • DEGREES (List degrees, institutions, and years attended.)
  • TEACHING/ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE (Give years of experience in business education teaching, supervision, or administration.)
  • PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS (Provide name, years of membership, and leadership positions.)
  • HONORS AND AWARDS (Provide name of award, years, and name of sponsoring organization.)


Outstanding New Professional Award Nominee

Please type your response below for each criterion. Use a 10-point font or larger. If attaching additional documentation for a criterion, indicate in the response and make sure to include when returning the forms.

  • SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN BUSINESS EDUCATION - Include information about classroom teaching performance, supervisory or administrative performance, years of experience, subjects taught; give evidence of effectiveness (student, peer, and administrative evaluations). Supporting documentation from students, administrators, and/or professional colleagues incorporated into this narrative is essential to this criterion. (Maximum points—60)
  • MEMBERSHIP AND SERVICE TO IBEA, IBEA AFFILIATE, NCBEA, IACTE, NBEA, ACTE, STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS, AND/OR DPE - Include participation and offices held. Relate special activities that resulted in needed changes or improvements in the profession. (Maximum points—20)
  • PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS, PUBLICATIONS, AND/OR LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITIES - Include contributions to business education through major articles, refereed publications, non-refereed publications, and research activities (including grant proposals). Describe the significance of such activities on the profession. List—but do not include copies of—articles, monographs, books, etc., published by the nominee. Include participation in legislative activities and events. (Maximum points—10)
  • INVOLVEMENT IN CIVIC AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES – Include contributions to business education through religious, civic, government, cultural and private business organizations. (Maximum points—10)