Awards are presented each year at the fall conference for outstanding research. Awards may be given in three categories: master’s thesis or research paper, doctoral dissertation, and/or independent research. Please submit your research or work done by another IBEA member to the Awards Chairperson.

  • Each applicant must be an IBEA member
  • The research paper must have been completed during the previous or current calendar year
  • All submissions must be received (or postmarked) by September 1.

The Awards Selection Committee will evaluate the research projects and select the recipients based on the following factors: selection of the problem; design of the study; analysis and interpretation of data; and summary, conclusions, and recommendations.

Nomination Form

Name of Researcher:

Title of Research:


Home Phone:                                                               Work Phone:

Type of Research (Circle one): Master’s Thesis or Paper - Doctoral Dissertation - Independent Research

Name of Chairperson (or Person Nominating Paper):


Home Phone:                                                               Work Phone:

Date of Completion:

Electronically submit form and a copy of research (attach document or include web-link) to:

Awards Chair
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SUBJECT: IBEA Award Nomination Forms

SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS ONLINE - Research Award Submission Form - All materials must be submitted no later than September 1.